I had the opportunity to attend International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago.  What a great city!  I have loved Pennsylvania for a while now, and loved having the experience to be in the city with so much culture, energy, and life.  Walking around by the convention center after the show each night, finding new places to eat and enjoying the surrounding of Pittsburgh was my favorite part. Pittsburgh has more bridge that any city in the United States, and some pretty beautiful church buildings.

I love attending Quilt Market because it really is a time to be inspired by the creativity of so many people in the industry.  I am always in awe of the talent that exists in each of our minds and hearts.

I loved seeing and connecting with some of my favorite designers and friends!  People I look up and appreciate. The lovely Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life at her book signing in the Moda booth!
Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness in her very first booth at quilt market debuting her first line of fabric called Jungle Avenue. (Isn’t she adorable)
And my Quilt Market friend Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew  who is someone I have always loved and admired.  I look forward to connecting with her every market!
I was able to capture pictures of a few things I sewed all around the show.  The green bag is one of Annie’s patterns. the Carry On Travel Bag sewn out of Joel Dewberry’s new line.  
I was able to sew a quilt for Chelsea Andersen‘s new line of fabric Floriography, in the Riley Blake booth (left picture, top quilt).  Also the bag on the right is another of Annie’s patterns!  One of her newest Get Out of Town Duffle.  I was sewing for weeks straight, it was great to prepare and enjoy seeing them presented so nicely.  
Here are just a few more favorites:

And all of this was possible because I work for an amazinly talented lady!  Annie has been one of the greatest mentors around.  She shares her talents and love so freely.  I feel so blessed, and so grateful to be able to be apart of the ByAnnie team!

I did end up taking a little detour at the end of this wonderful trip and headed east a few hours!  My mom and I took the MEGABUS from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. (It was quite an adventure) But we enjoyed spending time together.  I feel blessed that my mom and I get to share our passion for quilting together and get to travel to shows together everyone once in a while.  I was able to take her around to one of my favorite places in the whole world.  Philadelphia and New Jersey! We visited with just a few of my most favorite people.  

These wonderful people I was able to meet because of the wonderful opportunity to serve my Savior Jesus Christ and be his representative for His Church.  One of the last stops:  
17th and Vine, Philadelphia Pennsylvania 

The future home of the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Temple.  

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