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Before I tell you about the Quilted Works Cruise, I just want to tell you a little about this picture.  These bags all belong to our wonderful cruisers.  I have had the opportunity over the past year, to teach Annie’s wonderful patterns as classes at QW, and as they all showed up completed, at the airport I could NOT pass the opportunity to get a picture of them all together!

To travel with the Quilted Works crew on a QUILTING CRUISE, was a true pleasure. But really, what could be better? I was privileged to be asked to accompany Annie as a teacher for the cruise, teaching one of Annie’s patterns Bon Voyage (which was written especially for the occasion).

Annie, me and my Momma excited to fly!

We cruised on the Allure of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean experience.  I didn’t have anything to compare the experience to, but I very much enjoyed the ship, food, shows, and so much more.   And of course our conference room on the 3rd floor was a wonderful place to hang out.

There were some absolutely fabulous ladies aboard to sew with us. We had three days at sea between our port days at the various destinations which allowed for great sewing class.

The first class taught was the Spring Promise quilt. A quilt designed by Mo Ruben.  The kit was all laser cut.  Which is probably the most fabulous thing ever, perfectly cut stacks of squares and rectangles. If you want a chance to try one of those laser kits… just go here!

The next class was BON VOYAGE BAG! This is a wonderful tote bag, with many inside pockets.  It’s made with Soft and Stable, cruisers had it set with everything once again laser cut, labeled, and ready to sew!  How fun it was to see the completed bags by the end of the week!

 I really loved this opportunity to teach along side Annie, I have worked for her for more than 3 years and had never taught along side her.  I have taught her fabulous bag patterns many times, but to be able to learn even more from her as I was able to see the way she teaches was a great opportunity for me.

I had heard that these two women would be attending the cruise all the way from Pennsylvania.  I was excited to meet both of them.  It turned out that we had a little more in common then I realized.  I lived up the street from Pat for about 8 months while I was serving in Valley Forge on my LDS mission  Rosemary, is friends with some quilters that I also was able to associate with while living in Pennsylvania.  What a small world.  

The third and final class was Hazels apron,  taught by the Icing on the Cake girls.  A group of dear friends and fabulous teachers!  Of course we couldn’t let the day go by without having our very own cupcakes!

           I was also lucky enough to be able to be on the cruise with my wonderful mother.  I love her so much, I have been so blessed to have been able to share a passion, hobby, job..etc 
 Aside from all the sewing going on  we had a really fabulous time on the Allure of the Seas ship.  They had fabulous entertainment every single night.  From a diving show, to ice skating production, and an incredible acrobat show.

I enjoyed many other things on the ship, from the Caoursel, to the zipline, spending time on the ice skating rink.  I loved having a couple little buddies to play with while I was there too!

And just for your enjoyment…. 

Bree and I at the end of EVERY night had a little picture parties in our cabin. Lucky me, she was my cabin neighbor and Bree let herself into my room each night to laugh and giggle.  We took way more of these silly pictures… these were just a few of my favorites.  I don’t remember the last time I have laughed so hard.  Little children are a gift of true joy. This little girl is a keeper for sure!  

The whole gang!  
The Wonderful Quilted Works Cruise Staff.
If you missed your chance to come party with us on the sea… don’t even worry. There is another cruise planned for 2016!  Stay tuned at QUILTED WORKS for details, coming VERY soon.  
Bon Voyage!

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