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Kapila Village

The past year has passed so quickly and I am finding myself missing Zambia so much.  I am so grateful for my Zambian experience that I had this time last year.  I want to share with you some of my most favorite and cherished photos and video from my journey.

I was so blessed to receive so many donations from people in my community.  If you’d like to see photos of all that was collected check out this post here.

I did share some photos from my trip here. But the photos I’d like to share with you now come from the day I was able to go with my team into Kapila village and take the 2 treadle sewing machines that were purchased with the money that was donations collected at Quilted Works.

This is a day that I will never ever forget.  I had so many emotions playing through my mind and heart that day.  As I was walking to the truck that day I spotted these beautiful machines ready to be loaded with us as we made our way to Kapila Village.

We were greeted with the happiest song and dance I have ever witnesses.  We followed these beautiful strong Zambian women to there small gathering space.  There were 2 men from my team that carried these lovely treadle machines into this sacred place and the women began to dance and sing praises of gratitude.   (Just try not to smile as you watch these women show their gratitude.)

When we couldn’t quite figure out the assembly, there was someone who knew how to assembly the final product.

We carried in many donations, and got straight to work cutting out simple A-line skirts.

We of course never passed up any opportunity to play with the children, and let them run their fingers through straight blonde hair.  I loved my African plaits for the day! 

This was the day that two worlds collided for me, I realized that my sewing friends in America are no different from my new sewing friends from Kapila village.  All of our hearts are connected. When I think of this day, it keeps me grounded and connected the purpose of my life here.  I love Zambia with my whole heart.  


I am because WE are.

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