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One Hour Basket


I have been major absent from my blog for quite sometime.  But I am excited to start a new beginning.  This fall is a new beginning for so many things.. new HUSBAND, (I’ve been married just over 6 weeks now, the happiest of my life.) New apartment, new sewing space, new semester at school.  I have many “new” things and hoping to make blogging regularly apart of all that is new.

I am also a new “aunt” as I inherited many many nieces and nephews when I married my husband. I will also be be gaining 2 nieces this October and December from my own siblings.

I thought I would share one of my most recent projects. The “One Hour Basket” has been a favorite for awhile now.  I really love the simplicity and ease of this pattern.  Of course its fabulous that its a FREE tutorial. (All you have to do is create a profile on craftsy, super simple.) If you follow my sewing at all you know I’m crazy about Soft and Stable, so of course I used it in my baskets.  I wouldn’t make one without it. So I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to sewing up these baskets with it.

I cut the fabric out just as the pattern says. I just made a couple changes with the interfacings that I used.

For the handles:

 I like to had a little interfacing into the handles for extra stability.  My most favorite is a Pellon brand.  Woven Fusible Shape-flex.  (SF101)  It is the best fusible.

For the basket:

 I cut out 2 pieces of Soft and Stable the same size as the main fabric and lining.  Then sew 1/8” around all for sides attaching the S&S to the main fabric.  I trim out the seam allowance on the sides and bottom to about 1/8” away from the seam.

It is very helpful to use wonder clips when sewing your corners into the bottom of the basket. As you can see the seam allowance is cut out of the bottom and the sides.  Note:  you don’t need to trim the S&S from the corner seams.

IMPORTANT:  When sewing your separate lining for the basket I use 3/4”-1” seam allowance to make the lining smaller since you are adding a little bit of bulk with the S&S. This helps to that your lining isn’t so loose inside the basket.

Then as you sew the lining to the main basket you will have extra S&S in the top.  I really like leaving it around the rim of the basket.  Be sure to use your clips to keep the layers together.

I like to add 3-4 rows of topstitch about 1/8” apart to give it cute detail and securing the S&S from popping out of the edge of the basket.

SO.. here is the result.  And I just wanted to keep making more!!  I used Sarah Jane’s lovely line called Sommer.  I’m obsessed with her sweet darling prints.

Also in case you were wondering 3 of these sweet baskets fit perfectly in the Ikea Raskog carts.  (They just came out with new colors.. I keep telling myself 1 is enough, but I may be visiting my nearest Ikea in the near future!)
These baskets are the most perfect baby gift.  Simple to make and fill them up with all the baby necessities. 

Ps. do you see that cute baby bump!  I can’t wait to be an auntie to this baby girl.

And for all those out there who aren’t sewing for babies anymore, please don’t worry.  They hold fabric just as well!!

Enjoy! I hope with all that is “NEW” in your life each day you find time to spend time to create things you love, for those you love.


2 thoughts on “One Hour Basket

  1. I can't wait to try these!! I love new projects!!

  2. Judy says:

    These little baskets are a perfect way to organize my diapers collection, having 5 grandsons in different sizes all at the same time! They hold wipes and “butt paste, etc..” on an open shelf and everyone can find the sizes they need. And they are fun to make and make the closet a bit more organized. Certainly better than when we had the diapers haphazardly stacked in the closet.

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