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One Hour Basket

Hello!! I have been major absent from my blog for quite sometime.  But I am excited to start a new beginning.  This fall is a new beginning for so many things.. new HUSBAND, (I've been married just over 6 weeks now, the happiest of my life.) New apartment, new sewing space, new semester at school.  I have many "new" things and hoping to make blogging regularly apart of all that is new. I am also a new "aunt" as I inherited many many nieces and nephews when I married my husband. I will also be be gaining 2 nieces this October and December from my own siblings. I thought I would share one of my most recent projects. The "One Hour Basket" has been a favorite for awhile now.  I really love the simplicity and ease of this pattern.  Of course its fabulous that its a FREE tutorial. (All...

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