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Needles and Thread

As I prepare to begin any sewing project, I always make sure to start with a few important things:

(1) Some good fabric, (2) good cutting tools (which I shared more about in my last post), and (3) some good thread, and a great needle. In this post, I want to focus on my favorite types of thread and needles.

I have used many kinds of thread over the years, and many of them have been very good. However, there is one thread that I’ve come back to over and over again. I know that I might be biased, since this company is headquartered in my neck of the woods—Saint George, Utah. Nonetheless, I’ve been a big fan of Superior Threads for the past 10+ years. I’m particularly fond of the So Fine! #50 thread line. They have more thread lines to choose from than I care to try and count, which means they truly have thread for any project.

So Fine! is a polyester thread that is specifically designed for quilting and sewing, and it’s perfect for using in your bobbin as well. I love that it is lint-free thread! I really appreciate that there are 134 color options, which means there’s color for every project under the sun. My favorite color of thread is #402-pearl. I swear, it’s a magic color! It blends well with just about any fabric in my stash (which is saying a lot because I have more fabric than I can fit in my apartment). It’s the only color that I order by the box! It’s also the thread I’ve used on my long arm for 10+ years. I love the stitch quality that I get time and time again.

To me, thread is a very important part of the sewing process. After all, it is what holds your project together. Good quality thread is key, so make sure to get the good stuff!

Another important element to sewing is having a great needle on your machine. I never used to pay attention to my needle, and I only changed it when it broke. Now I pay close attention, and I’m keenly aware when the needle Is dull. I can even tell when the needle might be snagging my fabric a bit. No surprises with the brand of needles that I love—Superior Threads of course! Their titanium-coated needles are stellar, and I highly recommend them.

Superior Threads Titanium-Coated Needles, 90/14

I pretty much always sew with a 90/14 sewing needle on my machine. It is a bit heavier than what is required for quilting, but I find that I’m often switching between sewing bags and quilting. Having a heavier needle means I don’t have to switch between needles for different projects. An 80/14 would be a great choice of needle for quilting projects.

2 thoughts on “Needles and Thread

  1. Cecilia Martin says:

    Great post on your favorite thread and needles! I have just added both to my Amazon cart and cant wait to use both!

    1. Kaitlyn says:

      Thank you Cecilia, hope you enjoy them both! I know you will!

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